The Bark Shoppe
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By popular demand, Bark is back!! Chocolate Bark that is!! And it's better than ever with more flavor options. Each order includes your choice of 4 tubs of your choice of bark. Mix and Match!!  Option to add some delicious fudge to your order is available as well. What a great treat experience. All of our products are made with our signature Belgian chocolate!

S'Mores: Milk and Dark Chocolate with Graham Crackers and Marshmellow Cream and topped with mini dark chocolate chips

Buckeye: Creamy Peanut Butter filling enrobed with creamy Milk Chocolate

Toffee Crunch: Milk chocolate sprinkled with delicious toffee bits

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel Pretzel: The name says it all!!!

Milk Chocolate Almond Caramel: Crunchy toasted almonds and our signature caramel covered with our milk chocolate

Espresso: Dark and White chocolate layered and then topped with dark, milk and white chocolate covered espresso beans 

Fruit and Nut: A healthy choice: Dark chocolate topped with a generous portion of different dried fruits and nuts

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The Bark Shoppe

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