Pick Your Own Truffles Box
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We bring our store to you! Now you can design your own truffle box! Select truffles from our extensive list of truffles. Here's what you do:

Pick from these flavors: Key: GF (gluten free), DF (Dairy Free), V (Vegan)

Coconut Caramel GF


Heath GF

Milk Chocolate Caramel GF

Cafe au Lait GF

Dark Chocolate Orange GF DF Vegn except the orange stripe

Dark Chocolate Raspberry GF DF  Vegan exceot for the pink stripe

Vanilla GF

Vanilla Chocolate Chip GF

Dark Chocolate GF

Chocolate Chip GF

Dark Chocolate Caramel GF

Peppermint Mocha GF

Coconut GF

Salted Caramel GF

Milk Chocolate GF

Oreo covered in white chocolate

Oreo covered in dark chocolate

Creme Brulee GF

Cherry GF DF V

Milk Chocolate Almond GF

Peanut Butter GF

Lemon GF

Lime GF

Funfetti GF

1. Click here to see photos of each truffle: http://www.thechocolatespectrum.com/individual-truffle-flavors.html

2. Choose whether you want 15 or 30 Truffles in your box

3. List which truffles you want under Special Instructions on the Checkout page!


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Pick Your Own Truffles Box

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