Happy Birthday Chocolate Bars 5 Pack
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Take our delicious Belgium chocolate and add sprinkles, confetti, and M&Ms and what do you get? You get our amazing Happy Birthday Chocolate Bars embellished with the word Birthday on each bar. Each order contains 5 Large chocolate bars with party embellishments. And the bars are packed in a stylish gift box. Available in all dark, all white, all milk, or assorted. What a great gift for any birthday!! Or anytime for that matter!! Feel free to customize the bars to include the person's name instead of the word Birthday

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Mini Gift Greeting Card (thechocolatespectrum.com)

 Greeting Card: Happy Birthday By Sean (thechocolatespectrum.com)

Greeting Card: Life is Like a Box of Chocolates By Sean (thechocolatespectrum.com)


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Happy Birthday Chocolate Bars 5 Pack

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