Five Shades of Chocolate Bars
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Welcome to the new world of Chocolate! We now officially have five types of chocolate. Dark,Milk, White and introducing Ruby and Gold. Ruby is the newest Chocolate and it is made from actual cocoa beans that produce a red color. No food coloring added. It also has a very distinctive tart fruity taste. Delicious. Additionally, there is another new chocolate called Gold. This chocolate is made from caramelized sugar and milk. It has a toffee flavor. Amazing! Our Five Shades of Chocolate include one bar from each type of chocolate with your choice of toppings. A total of 5 large bars of Chocolate. This makes a beautiful and colorful presentation! Each bar is individually wrapped and dressed up in a cello bar with twist tie.

The toppings we chose are recommended toppings for each flavor. If you want a topping that is not listed, feel free to write it in under Special Instructions and we will do our best to accomodate you. 

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Five Shades of Chocolate Bars

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